Sting and bite

Insect bites and stings can be painful to completely symptom-free.

Itchy elements that suddenly appear, or that appear at irregular intervals, should arouse suspicion of insect bites.

  • Current insects and mites in Norway
    • Lice; Body lice, Head lice, Flat lice
    • Heteroptera; Bed bugs
    • Fleas; Human Fleas, Cat Fleas, Dog Fleas, Bird Fleas
    • Wasps; Wasps, bees, hops
    • Felters, mosquitoes, knobs, cleats, brakes
    • Midd; Scabies Mites, House Mites, Fur Mites, Bird Mites, Ticks
  • Symptoms

    Humans react differently to insect bites. Some get pronounced reactions, even blistering, while others who are stung by the same type of insect, get little or no reaction.

    If the patient has pets, fur farming or poultry farming, one must think of stings or bites as an explanation for troublesome skin reactions.

    Flea bites are common in spring and early summer.
    Itchy rash, often several stitches in a row, near the waistband or in the ankle region is typical.

    In the case of new itching, one must think of scabies. Formerly healthy person who relatively suddenly gets troublesome itching that is most intense at night. The itching is most pronounced in places where the scabies mite is found, but the itching is gradually becoming more general. Read more about scabies here.

    Bed bugs
    Bed bugs are rare in Norway, but typically the patient wakes up in the morning with skin changes on body parts that have not been covered by bedding at night. There are usually large, shapeless elements with a central bite mark. The bed bug leaves bloody, dark excrement with a nasty, sweet smell. The excrement leaves marks that cannot be scraped away.

  • What can I do myself?

    Severe allergic reaction, anaphylaxis
    May occur after stings of wasps, hops and bees.

    Always call 112 immediately in case of symptoms from the oral cavity, difficulty breathing or severe rash on the whole body.

    Have you known severe allergies use an epi-pen.

    Measures to alleviate ailments from bites and bites
    In reaction to known insects such as wasps, bees and mosquitoes, the condition is treated symptomatically with antipruritic topical treatment such as high potency steroid ointment.

    Antihistamines, allergy medicine, can be given in maximum doses.

    Preventive measures
    If a person with a known strong reaction, e.g. on mosquitoes, should stay in an endemic area for a limited time, one can give depot injection with steroid.

    Bed bugs
    If bed bugs are suspected, you should contact the municipality's department for environmental health care. Rules on the extinction of bed bugs are laid down in a separate law

  • What can Eyr help with?
    • Eyr can help assess the type of bite and sting and which treatment is relevant
    • Eyr can give advice on preventive measures
    • Eyr can prescribe medication
    • Eyr can refer to a specialist if needed

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Reference: Norwegian Medical Handbook, NEL. Edited and medically quality assured by Dr. Theresa Franck, specialist in general medicine.