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Skilled doctors

Our skilled general practitioners are the same as those at the emergency ward, your own GP or at hospitals. They have been carefully selected, have clinical experience and Norwegian authorisation.

Good for the doctor, good for you

You don't always have to go to a doctor's surgery to get the help you need. Our doctors work 50/50 for Eyr and in practice to make health services even more accessible.

We cooperate with the doctors at Colosseumklinikken Medisinske Senter, which gives us broad and solid expertise in various medical services.

Meet some of our doctors

Eyr’s doctors have long experience of Norwegian general practice. You can meet some of them here:

Marcus Johan Følling Lund

Sol Malm Hagen

Ronnie Patrik Hermansson

Interested in Eyr?

Are you a doctor and would like to know more about the service and how we cooperate with our doctors?
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