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Some frequently asked questions

Can I get a prescription from Eyr’s doctors? How do I receive my prescription?

Yes. The doctor will perform a medical assessment, and if you are deemed to need a prescription, they can quickly and easily write out an electronic prescription that can be collected from any pharmacy in the country immediately after the consultation.

Do Eyr’s doctors have access to my journal?

They only have access to your journal if you have submitted or created a journal at Eyr. Eyr’s doctors can also see your previous contacts with Eyr. An Eyr doctor can also open your master journal, which contains details such as allergies, prior hospitalisations and medicine use with your consent.

Do I have to pay if I did not receive the help I need after a consultation?

As a rule, we will reimburse the cost to customers who feel they have not received the help they needed, or who have been referred to their GP for a physical examination. Please contact us at If you did not receive the help you expected, we want to hear from you.

What does a consultation at Eyr cost?

A consultation costs NOK 350.

We cooperate with several major insurance companies. Over 400,000 people are covered by Eyr’s insurance agreement and can use us for free. Read more about our insurance contracts.