We make health care more accessible for you

There are great digital applications designed for most everyday problems. Unfortunately, health services are far behind when it comes to reaching their users. Our platform for digital health services helps tackle the problems looming for the national health service, by making it as easy as possible to consult and exchange information with a doctor.
When even grandma is on Snapchat, your doctor should also be available on your mobile.

"I didn't want to have to wait for weeks and spend hours going to the doctor, when I did not even need a physical examination."
– Karl Martin Lind, CEO

Our culture

When we started Eyr, we wanted to create our own dream job. A place where we could work on meaningful jobs together with other talented people. Where there is plenty of freedom to try out new ideas and to organise our own working day.

Eyr has a flat and open corporate culture, based on trust, and where moving from idea to implementation is a rapid process. We have a lot of influence within our own areas of responsibility and on running the company as a whole. We believe that gives us every chance of bringing out the best in each other. Our work becomes more meaningful when we know we are the ones setting the course, and that what we are doing will benefit our company and our users.

The people behind Eyr

Get better acquainted with the team behind Eyr:

Camilla Kluge Foss

I believe in a close collaboration between private and public health care providers, to offer the patient the holistic and accessible health care services they want.

Torgeir Pedersen Cook

I want to develop good and robust services that the users like. In order to do this, I am completely dependent on feedback from users, regardless of whether it concerns errors, deficiencies or feature requests.

Silje Valseth

I want to tell stories that move our users, either through social media, editorial content or as paid marketing.

Karl Martin Lind

My dream is a world in which everyone has access to the good digital health services we provide and are developing in Eyr.

William Karlsen

I am responsible for cooperation with both new and existing partners and customers. This is essential in order to create relevant health services for our patients.

Emmy Reehorst

I’m passionate about useful services with a good user experience. We are best when we receive feedback and input, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Vegard Krogh-Reinsnes

I love learning new things, hiking in the mountains and creating good digital products. I try to have an aura of technical problems being solved around me.

Øyvind Synnes

At Eyr I get to work on lots of interesting tasks and projects. I can use my experience from investments in startups and business, while also learning new things every day. Just like life in a startup should be.

Our story

Eyr was started with the objective of giving the public better access to health care help and insight into their own health data. The founders programmed the first version of Eyr and launched the service using video consultations in 2016.

There are now 12 employees with a team of 15 doctors affiliated, working to make health care available for 12 hours every single day, all year round. We are constantly working to find ways to improve the service and try out new ideas to make health care more accessible to most people.

  • In 2016, we had our first consultation with patients via video.
  • In 2017, we launched an early version of a file-sharing system for doctors and patients, making it easy and secure to exchange medical information between the patient's mobile and the doctor.
  • In 2018, we made it possible to get a prescription for travel vaccinations. We also launched international prescriptions, making it possible to get digital prescriptions from our doctors that can be used at any pharmacy in the EU.

Join the team

We are always looking for new, clever and creative colleagues who want to develop the future of health care with us. You can work with the team in Oslo, or from home if you prefer a remote setup.

Send us an email to hello@eyr.md if you would like to have a chat, or submit an application for a current vacancy.