Talk to a doctor from home

Get consultations on your phone - fast, easy and secure. Our doctors can provide prescriptions and medical certificates, refer to a specialist and request blood tests and radiology.

NOK 350,- per consultation

Fast response time

5 min 9 sec

Average wait time

Open 8am-10pm (10am-10pm)

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Now you can order travel vaccines in Eyr and receive the vaccination in Apotek1

Talk to a doctor over video

Eyr is a private and digital healthcare service offering consultations with doctors over video and messages. You pay either with card or get your consultation covered by one of our insurance partners.

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1. Sign in with BankID

2. Book an appointment

3. Talk to a doctor over video

What our users are saying

Karine L.

Fantastic service. Helpful and service-minded! Got fast and quality help!

Vidar F.

Got fast help and everything! Prescription was also fixed!

How can doctors help me over video?

You can get prescriptions for most medications, sick leave, referrals to specialist, medical advice and answers to questions about your health.

What we cover

Meet our doctors

Colosseumklinikken Medisinske Senter is a private clinic in Oslo and provides a broad range of medical services.

Dagfinn Sverre Aarskog

Lars K Glæsel Gullestad

Julie Katrine Onsager

Our insurance partners

Get consultations covered by your insurance

Get prescription medicine delivered to your door

Our partner pharmacies can deliver your prescription medicine at home.

En sikker løsning

Our service is built in strict compliance with Norwegian privacy laws and regulatory requirements. We use BankID for secure authentication.

Talented doctors

Eyr doctors are the same as the ones you meet at Norwegian hospitals or clinics.

Simple to use

Our service is user friendly, simple to understand and available on the devices you use.