At Eyr you can get prescriptions for medicines. Just like in a regular doctor's office.

Doctors can prescribe you a new prescription, when necessary, and renew prescriptions for your regular medications.

  • What can Eyr help with?

    Renewal of prescriptions is generally recommended to be done via the GP, but if it is a weekend, or you are perhaps on your way on holiday, the doctors in Eyr can of course help you.

    The GP will always have the opportunity to see which prescriptions we have sent and the doctor from Eyr will, with your consent, be able to see which medicines you are already on.

    Prescriptions are sent electronically and can be picked up at all the country's pharmacies. You only need to bring identification.

    Eyr do not prescribe

    • Addictive drugs (the ones you will typically know as sleeping pills, strong painkillers or sedatives)
    • Medicines that require physical examination or sampling before prescription
    • Medications that require close follow-up

    In general, doctors are reluctant to prescribe antibiotics. This is because you often have to take samples before prescribing. Doctors also do not treat young children with symptoms of urinary tract infection.

  • Children

    When necessary, children can be given a prescription through Eyr with the consent of a parent. The prescription is written on the child's social security number.

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Edited by doctor Sol Malm Hagen