Eyr contributes to a more environmentally sustainable society

Our vision is: "To build the future of healthcare services and make healthcare services available to more people." This is more than just a vision for us at Eyr. Eyr contributes to this every single day.

Each day, Eyr treats hundreds of patients through Eyr's app. This means that patients do not have to go anywhere to receive treatment. We are open 365 days a year, and we can treat both physical and mental disorders without patients having to travel by car, bus or train. We can talk to our patients at "home" via mobile phone.

In this way, we save our users both time and resources. This is Eyr's core values, and we are proud to contribute to a reduced climate footprint through our services

We take social responsibility

Eyr is certified as an "Eco-Lighthouse". We have a special responsibility to ensure that our business is run responsibly and sustainably. This is both important for every single employee in Eyr, and for us as a company. We are therefore involved in sustainability through the way we run our business, but also through contributions outside our business area.

We want to go further than what is expected of us. Sustainability and social responsibility are therefore an integral part of our business strategy.

Eyr creates less waste and uses less energy than others in our industry

We want to reduce our climate footprint

By documenting our environmental impact on the working environment, energy consumption, CO2 emissions, pollution, and waste throughout our value chain, we can set more specific goals and document our efforts. Through collaboration with our partners, we will also focus on increased sustainability.

In this way, we increase our positive climate footprint and reduce our pollution.

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