Build the next generation health platform

Do you have drive, talent and want to work in a fast moving startup aiming to change healthcare forever? We are looking for extraordinary people to help overcome difficult challenges and build useful and valuable technology.

Who we are

Eyr is a small, but rapidly growing digital health startup based in Oslo. We are changing how healthcare works by offering a digital platform to communicate and share data with healthcare professionals. Our first major feature is video consultations with doctors on our apps for web and smartphones. We are a driven and ambitious, and we lead by action.


The current healthcare system is unsustainable and inefficient. We are working on solutions that delivers healthcare more efficiently to patients through a digital platform available on consumer electronics.

Healthcare is different from many other industries and requires us to deliver secure systems and navigate a strict regulatory legal environment. The markets for healthcare technology are fragmented and conservative, but highly rewarding.

We have already solved some of these challenges and have a working product, several large enterprise customers and a partnership with a top private clinic. We are looking for people with passion and energy to help overcome the next challenges and scale to Scandinavia, Europe and beyond!

What we offer

We will provide you with friendly colleagues, low hierarchy and flexible hours. You will get a lot of responsibility and impact on both strategy and execution. You will receive ownership, a salary and an unrivaled opportunity to impact the future of healthcare.

Want to work with us?

We are currently looking for people to fill these roles.

Frontend developer

We use a mix of HTML, Elm, JavaScript and React on our web interfaces, React-Native and native Swift and Java components on our mobile clients, Redux for state management, RESTful HTTP and GraphQL for API requests and Websockets for realtime data.

We are looking for developers with experience in frontend application development either from web or mobile, preferably with proficency in JavaScript.

You will be working mainly on our React-Native mobile clients to create new features week over week in cooperation with our backend developers.

Backend developer

We use Elixir and the Phoenix framework for our server logic, a Postgres database and Docker for deployments.

We are looking for developers with experience in backend development.

You will help us build highly scaleable and efficient servers with tidy APIs and a fast turnover from idea to feature in production.


Help us create a design language for healthcare.

We are looking for a versatile designer with experience in building great user interfaces.

You will focus on making a design language that can be used to build features in our applications over the next years.

You will also help us make everything about our company look and feel great. When you are not working on user interfaces for our applications, you will work on our company design handbook or create artwork for marketing.