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Eyr Online Doctor understands that having children means you have less time and more health questions. With Eyr app you can avoid moving a sick child and wait in the comfort of your home instead of the waiting room or urgent care center.

Book an appointment now and speak with a Norwegian licensed doctor over video in much less time than it takes to get to the clinic, wait in line, have the appointment, and return home.

Price per consultation kr 350,-

Top issues treated over video

Pregnancy & nursing

Pregnancy & nursing

Whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have infancy questions about women’s health or your child, we can help.
General medical advice

General medical advice

We understand there are a lot of questions that may be on your mind with a new baby. But there are no dumb questions; we will always do our best to assist.


Children and babies pick up a lot of infections early in life. Some of the most common are ear and eye infections. Fever can be a sign of an infection.
Cuts and skin problems

Cuts and skin problems

Skin problems vary greatly in severity and symptoms with children, such as hives, diaper rash, baby acne, chickenpox, warts, cuts, eczema, insect bites, and more.
Cold & flu

Cold & flu

Kids get stomach issues, and runny noses often, but it’s hard to tell when symptoms are normal or more serious, like cold, flu, and sore throat, bronchitis, strep throat, croup and more.

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What is Eyr Online Doctor?

The Eyr Online Doctor app gives you easy access to doctors through video consultations on our app for iPad, iPhone and Android. With our app, you can book consultations, receive prescriptions, specialist referrals, medical guidance, as well as communicate securely with healthcare professionals.

With just three simple steps you can talk to a doctor quickly and securely.

1. Sign in with BankID

2. Book an appointment

3. Talk to a doctor over video

What our users are saying

Karine L.

Fantastic service. Helpful and service-minded! Got fast and quality help!

Vidar F.

Got fast help and everything! Prescription was also fixed!

Three reasons to use Eyr Online Doctor

There are no dumb questons

Eyr doctors can easily respond to those questions you feel silly taking the time to ask

Easy and convenient

Children go to the doctor more often than adults. At least a third of the time, a physical visit isn’t necessary.

Avoid unnecessary travel

Don't waste precious family time or take a sick child away from home.

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