We make it easier to take care of your health

Eyr gives you easy access to doctors through video consultations on your iPad, iPhone or Android. With our app, you can book consultations and receive prescriptions, specialist referrals, medical guidance, as well as communicate securely with healthcare professionals.

Eyr was founded in Oslo, Norway in 2015 by Karl Martin Lind and Vegard Krogh-Reinsnes, and is named after Eir - the Norse goddess of medicine. The name means help, mercy, protection and peace.


Karl Martin Lind
CEO karl@eyr.md
Vegard Krogh-Reinsnes
CTO vegard@eyr.md
William Karlsen
Business Developer Manager william@eyr.md
Vyacheslav Voronchuk
Engineer vyacheslav@eyr.md


Our advisors are industry leaders and medical professionals that have been in the industry for decades. With their guidance and support, we strive to transform healthcare access.

Inger Strand
Sales and Partnerships inger@eyr.md
Lars Gullestad
Medical Advisor

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